Sage Glass Introduction

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paisley Products is pleased to introduce Sage Glass to our product offerings!

Sage Glass is an electronically tint-able glass for windows, skylights and curtain walls. It is a beautiful and cost-effective way to control sunlight without shades or blinds, so you can manage glare and heat while maintaining a connection to the outdoors

Sage Glass prevents fading of flooring, artwork and fabrics. It helps eliminate the need for traditional methods of controlling sunlight and solar heat. In the 10 year history of installations, there were no reported/observed performance degradations. It uses less electricity to operate 2,000 sq ft of Sage Glass windows than to power a single 60-watt light bulb.Sage glass features the reduction of solar radiation and 30% energy savings during peak and 20% savings during non-peak hours. It also features lower HVAC equipment requirements up to 25% minimizing capital costs.

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