Lubricants and Coatings

Paisley Products supplies lubricants and coatings for use in the most aggressive environments. We offer food-approved lubricants, biodegradable products, silicone greases, synthetic gear oils, rubber and plastic lubricants, anti-squeak coatings, aerosols and anti-seize pastes. Our products are unsurpassed in reducing wear, extending product life and increased production up-time.

Paisley Products offers competitive pricing and application expertise for diverse industries to ensure optimum product selection, performance and economy.

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All Lubricant and Coating Products
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3M- 265 Electric Resin
ID AV3ME0265050
50 lb Pail
3M- 241 Electrical Resins
ID AV3MY0241014
14 lb (1US gal) Container
3M- 260 Scotchcast Epoxy Powder
ID AV3MY0260060
44.1 lb Box (20 kg)
3M- 280 Electrical Resin
ID AV3MY0280012
12 lb Kit
3M- EC-3524 Edge Sealing Compound
ID AV3MY3524005
5 lb Kit (1/2 US gal)
3M- 3901 Scotch-Weld Primer
ID AV3MY3901005
1/2 Pint
3M- 5136 Electrical Resin Primer
ID AV3MY5136001
1 Pint bottle Primer
3M- 2130B Flame Retardant Compound
ID AV3MZ000009O
216 gm Pillow Pack
3M- 2130C Flame Retardant Compound
21.7 oz Kit
3M- 208 Electrical Resin
ID AV3MZ0000352
1 Gallon (8 lb.) Kit
3M- 226 Electrical Resin
ID AV3MZ000036F
11 lb. Kit (Part A & B)
3M- 3950 Edge Sealer
8 oz can
3M- EC-776-SR Fuel Resistant Coating
ID AV3MZ00005K2
USQuart Can, transparent red