Paisley Products delivers a wide array of adhesive and sealant application systems utilized within the Electrical and electronics assembly market. Our comprehensive product line of conformal coatings, electrical insulating materials, composites, silicone gels, encapsulants, sleeving, solder and varnishes provides your company with high-quality materials solutions and product compatibility requirements.

Paisley solutions offer the intricate, thin-line dispensing needed for increasingly miniaturized personal communication devices as well as foam-in-place gasketing for larger consumer electronics. The precise control of Paisley’s systems increases productivity and quality of electronic assembly, gasketing, molding, encapsulating and shielding applications. We convert materials at our facilities and we would be happy to assist you.

Canada’s finest Electrical OEM’s have trusted Paisley for over a half-century! We offer a wide variety of electrical insulation materials for transformers and motors along with wire, sleeving, varnishes and composites. We convert materials at our facilities.

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3M- 265 Electric Resin
ID AV3ME0265050 Image title
50 lb Pail
3M- 260 Scotchcast Epoxy Powder
ID AV3MY0260060 Image title
44 lb Box (20 kg)
3M- 280 Electrical Resin
ID AV3MY0280012 Image title
12 lb Kit
3M- 226 Electrical Resin
ID AV3MZ000036F Image title
11 lb. Kit (Part A & B)
Dow Corning- Compound 5
ID AVDC0005 Image title   In Stock
#160 Silicone Elastomer
ID AVDC0160 Image title   Limited Stock
#734 RTV Self Levelling
ID AVDC0734 Image title   In Stock
Dow Corning- 738 Electrical Sealant
ID AVDC0738 Image title   Limited Stock
EPO-TEK- H20E Electrical Epoxy
ID AVETH20E Image title   Limited Stock
CNF- 4600 Woven Cotton Tape
ID EPCN4600 Image title   In Stock