Masking and Paper Tapes

Masking tape is an adhesive tape that is mainly used in the painting industry. It is used to protect surfaces from nearby finishing processes such as painting, soldering, blasting, or plating. Masking tape is for light binding (holding an object in place temporarily), masking and flagging/ marking.

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ID ETGT4358 Image title   Limited Stock
4730 Tuff Edge Tape
ID ETGT4730 Image title
1" x 72 yd Clear
3M- 231 Masking Tape
ID IT3M0231 Image title   In Stock
IPG- PG20 UV Resistant Paper Masking Tape
ID ITAMTPG20A50 Image title
1-1/2" x 60 yd Silver (36mm x 54.8m)
Shuretape- CP 150 Multi-Surface Painter Tape
ID PSSTCP150A89 Image title   In Stock
48mm x 55m (24 rls/case)
Shurtape- CP27 UV Masking Tape
ID PSSTCP27 Image title
Shurtape CP 27 14 Day UV Msking Tape
Shurtape- CP28 UV Masking Tape
ID PSSTCP28 Image title
CP28 30 Day UV Masking Tape
tesa- 4421 Painter Grade Masking Tape
ID PSTT04421 Image title   In Stock
#4421 Medium Grade, High Shear Masking Tape