Sealants are glue-like materials capable of being shaped or formed. It is generally used between building panels or between different components of the building envelope. They quickly cure and transform into a flexible semi-solid material that reduces the flow of water, air, dust or smoke.

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3M- 4224-N Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
ID AV3MZ00003A8 Image title
5 Gallon Pail w/pour spout
3M- EC-776 Fuel Resistant Coating
ID AV3MZ000061I Image title
1 Quart Container
3M- 4200 Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure
ID AV3MZ00006DZ Image title
296 ml cartridge
3M- 4799 Industrial Adhesives
ID AV3MZ00006JX Image title
5oz Tube
Dow Corning- 735 Oil Resistant Sealan
ID AVDC00735079 Image title
305 ml Ctrg