Questions and Answers

Included below is questions and answers on our company, culture, products and services.

What markets does Paisley operate in?

Paisley Products Inc. is a diverse company with clients in markets such as construction, electrical industry, transportation, retail and industrial manufacturing. Our products include tapes, sealants, insulation materials, lubricants, safety gear and much, much more. Visit our Marketsor Products sections for further information.
We have customers throughout North America and overseas. Wherever you’re located, we can make sure you have full access to our wide spectrum of products.
We are accustomed to supplying requirements that are small and large. There are aerospace companies, utilities, construction companies and large retail chains that rely on our ability to consistently fulfill their orders with everything they need.

There are differences between one product and another as to how much can be supplied in a certain period of time, so if you have a large order in mind, it would be best to discuss it with us in advance. This will ensure we can supply the volume you need in the shortest time frames possible.
Yes, we are always looking into new ways to add value to our customers and would be open to carrying additional items in our inventory to satisfy new and existing customers. If there is a product that you think we should start carrying feel free to contact us and we would be pleased to consider adding it to our product offering.
Yes we are continually looking to diversify our product catalogue, as well as reach more industries and markets domestically and abroad.

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