Builders and contractors alike have realized that protecting precious surfaces in the finishing stages of a project is 10 times more cost effective than time consuming repairs after completion. Home buyers are also reporting significantly fewer deficiencies upon completion increasing their satisfaction with the builder. This also increases the likelihood that home buyers will recommend the builder to others.

At Paisley Protectives we are dedicated to providing the best options for protecting surfaces no matter what size the project. Xmark products are designed to protect surfaces and remove easily without leaving a trace. Many options are reusable, 100% recyclable and contribute to LEED credits.

Our interior protections are utilized on counter tops, tubs, walls, windows, cabinetry, floor and stairs. We have products that protect marble, factory & site finished hard woods, ceramic, porcelain, granite, glass, metals and many other substrates found in the construction industry.

Our exterior protection includes air and vapour barriers. Housewrap, foundation wrap, roof underlayment and flashing tapes are just a small portion of our available offering. We also carry window protection films and peelable coatings.

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3M- 847 Rubber/ Gasket Adhesive
ID AV3M0847 Image title   Limited Stock
3M- 08908 Adhesive Remover
ID AV3M8908 Image title
510 g aerosol can
3M- 4224-N Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
ID AV3MZ00003A8 Image title
5 Gallon Pail w/pour spout
3M TroubleShooter- Baseboard Stripper
ID AV3MZ0000JC2 Image title
23 oz Spray Can
2359 Sulfur-Free Liner Paper
ID EPSTP1000B50 Image title
2-1/2"W x 3"Id x 12"Od Blue
BioSurv® Flagging Tape
ID FLECBI Image title   In Stock
VLP Vinyl / Leather Repair
ID HWMP0VLP Image title   In Stock
Performix- Super Grip Fabric Coating
ID HWMP9120 Image title
#91209-6 Super Grip 12 oz Clear
Vyna Bond Vinyl Repair Patch
ID HWMPPDVB Image title