Encapsulants provide environmental protection for electronic components such as diodes, capacitors, and integrated circuits (IC), as well as wire leads and other fragile connectors. Paisley Products offers some of the most high-performing encapsulants on the market. For the full range of solutions, please visit our encapsulants page.

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3M- 241 Electrical Resins
ID AV3MY0241014 Image title
14 lb (1US gal) Container
3M- 260 Scotchcast Epoxy Powder
ID AV3MY0260060 Image title
44.1 lb Box (20 kg)
3M- 280 Electrical Resin
ID AV3MY0280012 Image title
12 lb Kit
3M- 208 Electrical Resin
ID AV3MZ0000352 Image title
1 Gallon (8 lb.) Kit
Dow Corning- Catalyst 4
ID AVDC00004C68 Image title   Limited Stock
45 g (0.1 lb)
#734 RTV Self Levelling
ID AVDC0734 Image title   In Stock
Dow Corning- RTV-3000-F Catalyst
ID AVDC3000 Image title   In Stock
0.10 lb (45.4 g)