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Applicators and accessories are designed to provide you with a precise application every time. Our applicators provide on-the-job convenience and long-term durability for even the toughest jobs. Paisley offers a variety of applicators and accessories to meet your application needs.

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3M- EPX Square Gold Mixing Nozzle
ID AV3MEPXNOZ53 Image title
5.33mm - Bulk
3M- EPX Plus II Square Mixing Nozzle
ID AV3MZ00001NO Image title
#62-9171-9153-8Square Gold (5.3mm)
3M- EPX Plus II Applicator and Plunger
ID DE3MZ00007L9 Image title
2:1 plunger for EPX Plus II
EFD-Adapter Heads
ID DEEF00AH Image title   In Stock
EFD- Neoprene Pistons
ID DEEF00NP Image title   In Stock
EFD- Storage Ends/ Tip Caps
ID DEEF011E Image title   In Stock
EFD- 2172 Silicone Vac Cups
ID DEEF0172 Image title   In Stock
EFD- DispensGuns
ID DEEF0231 Image title   Limited Stock