Lubricants and Coatings

Paisley Products supplies lubricants and coatings for use in the most aggressive environments. We offer food-approved lubricants, biodegradable products, silicone greases, synthetic gear oils, rubber and plastic lubricants, anti-squeak coatings, aerosols and anti-seize pastes. Our products are unsurpassed in reducing wear, extending product life and increased production up-time.

Paisley Products offers competitive pricing and application expertise for diverse industries to ensure optimum product selection, performance and economy.

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All Lubricant and Coating Products
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Dip Cloth
ID HWDIPCLOTH01 Image title   In Stock
Specialized washing material
Dip Cold Wax
ID HWDIPCOWX750 Image title   Limited Stock
750ml Bottle
Prep Spray
ID HWDIPPREP001 Image title   In Stock
Dip Safe Revitalizer
ID HWDIPSFRE001 Image title   Limited Stock
Dip Safe Soap
ID HWDIPSFSO001 Image title   Limited Stock
Dip Safe Tire Shine
ID HWDIPSFTS001 Image title   Limited Stock
Plasti Dip - Aerosol
ID HWMP0PDA Image title   In Stock
Plasti Dip - Liquid
ID HWMP0PDL Image title   In Stock
VLP Vinyl / Leather Repair
ID HWMP0VLP Image title   In Stock
Performix- Re-Rack
ID HWMP6300 Image title   In Stock
Performix- Super Grip Fabric Coating
ID HWMP9120 Image title
#91209-6 Super Grip 12 oz Clear
Liquid Tape (4oz can)
ID HWMPPDLT Image title   In Stock
Plasti Dip- UV
ID HWMPPDUV Image title   In Stock
Vyna Bond Vinyl Repair Patch
ID HWMPPDVB Image title