An industrial coating is a layer or layers of protective coating applied to steel, concrete, and other materials. Industrial coatings can help to increase the lifetime of materials and are essential in protecting product from oxidation and moisture.

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3M- 241 Electrical Resins
ID AV3MY0241014 Image title
14 lb (1US gal) Container
3M- EC-3524 Edge Sealing Compound
ID AV3MY3524005 Image title
5 lb Kit (1/2 US gal)
3M- 3901 Scotch-Weld Primer
ID AV3MY3901005 Image title
1/2 Pint
3M- 5136 Electrical Resin Primer
ID AV3MY5136001 Image title
1 Pint bottle Primer
3M- 2130B Flame Retardant Compound
ID AV3MZ000009O Image title
216 gm Pillow Pack
3M- 2130C Flame Retardant Compound
ID AV3MZ00002UK Image title
21.7 oz Kit
3M- 208 Electrical Resin
ID AV3MZ0000352 Image title
1 Gallon (8 lb.) Kit
3M- 3950 Edge Sealer
ID AV3MZ00004VA Image title
8 oz can
LORD- Chemlok 218 Adhesive
ID AVAVZ00007MS Image title
1 Usgl Can
Bostik- 1096M Liquid Adhesive
ID AVBO1096 Image title
5 US gal (20 l) pail
Bostik- ISR-70-08-BLACK 290ml
ID AVBOS700860B Image title
290 ml Cartridge
Dow Corning- 1201-RTV Prime Coat
ID AVDC1201 Image title   Limited Stock