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Applicators and accessories are designed to provide you with a precise application every time. Our applicators provide on-the-job convenience and long-term durability for even the toughest jobs. Paisley offers a variety of applicators and accessories to meet your application needs.

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Thinky- 100DSP-Disposable Beakers
ID DETC100DSP000 Image title
100ml PP (no closure) (1000/Case)
Thinky- 200DSP-Disposable Beakers
ID DETC200DSP000 Image title
with no closure 200 ml PP (1000/case)
Thinky- 250AD 201-Containers
ID DETCA250AD21 Image title
for 150ml HDPE Container
Thinky- 250AD-200DSP-Disposable Cups
ID DETCA250AD2P Image title   Limited Stock
Adapter for 200DSP
Thinky- 250AD-20SCR-Glass Bottle
ID DETCA250AD2R Image title
Adapter for 20ml glass bottle #5
Thinky- 250AD-300CH Cooling Adapter
ID DETCA250AD3C Image title
for 300ml container
Thinky- 250AD-30S-Adapter 30cc Syringe
ID DETCA250AD3Y Image title
Adapter for 30cc Syringe
Thinky- 250AD-NAN-U-Umano UG Jars
ID DETCA250ADNU Image title
Adapter for 12ml/24ml/35ml/
Thinky- #5 Glass Bottle
ID DETCGLASBT05 Image title
20ml (55/case) (sold/case)
Thinky- HDPE 150ml Jar
ID DETCHDPE0150 Image title
Thick wall w/inner lid & cap
Thinky- HDPE 300ml Jar
ID DETCHDPE0300 Image title
thick wall w/inner lid & cap
Thinky- CH300 HDPE Jar & Cap
ID DETCHDPE03CH Image title
300 ml (30/Case) (Sold/Case)
Thinky- UM 125ml Medical Grade Jar
ID DETCUM125ML0 Image title
Wide Mouth Jar W/ Cap 100/case
Thinky- UM 12ml Medical Grade Jar
ID DETCUM12ML00 Image title   Limited Stock
Wide mouth jar w/cap 100/case
Thinky- 250AS-10S Adapter 10cc Syringe
ID DETCZ00007UR Image title
Adapter for 10cc Syringe
Thinky- 250AD-5S Adapter 5ml Syringes
ID DETCZ000084C Image title
Adapter for 5ml Syringes
Thinky- 250AD-10S Adapter 10ml Syringes
ID DETCZ000084D Image title
Adapter for 10 ml Syringes