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Paisley Products has been supplying innovative solutions to customers for over 65 years. Our comprehensive offering allows us to service all aspects of industry. Our vast product offering coupled with our highly trained sales and service team have proven to be a winning combination.

Our substantial warehouse space allows us to keep inventory available so our customers get the products they need in a timely manner. Long standing supplier relationships have allowed us to supply our customer base with the newest industry solutions available.

To learn more about our products and services offered, please Contact Us.

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Thinky- AR-100 Thinky Mixer
ID DETC0AR100MX Image title
Centrifugal Mixer
Thinky- SR-500 Thinky Mixer
ID DETC0SR500MX Image title
Centrifugal Mixer - Solder Paste Mixer
Thinky- 100DSP-Disposable Beakers
ID DETC100DSP000 Image title
100ml PP (no closure) (1000/Case)
Thinky- 200DSP-Disposable Beakers
ID DETC200DSP000 Image title
with no closure 200 ml PP (1000/case)
Thinky- 250AD 201-Containers
ID DETCA250AD21 Image title
for 150ml HDPE Container
Thinky- 250AD-200DSP-Disposable Cups
ID DETCA250AD2P Image title   Limited Stock
Adapter for 200DSP - Disposable Cups
Thinky- 250AD-20SCR-Glass Bottle
ID DETCA250AD2R Image title
Adapter for 20ml glass bottle #5
Thinky- 250AD-300CH Cooling Adapter
ID DETCA250AD3C Image title
for 300ml container
Thinky- 250AD-30S-Adapter 30cc Syringe
ID DETCA250AD3Y Image title
Adapter for 30cc Syringe
Thinky- 250AD-NAN-U-Umano UG Jars
ID DETCA250ADNU Image title
Adapter for 12ml/24ml/35ml/
Thinky- ARC-40-Vacuum Syringe Charger
ID DETCARC40FIL Image title
Charger max. capacity 10ml x 4/cycle
Thinky- ARE-310-Thinky Mixer
ID DETCARE310MX Image title
Centrifugal Mixer - ARE-310 Thinky Mixer Mate
Thinky- ARV-3000TWIN Thinky Mixer
ID DETCARV3000T Image title
Centrifugal Mixer - ARV-3000 Twin
Thinky- ARV-310-Thinky Mixer
ID DETCARV310MX Image title
(replaced by ARV-310P)
Thinky- ARV-5000 Thinky Mixer
ID DETCARV5000M Image title
Centrifugal Mixer - ARV-5000
Thinky- #5 Glass Bottle
ID DETCGLASBT05 Image title
20ml (55/case) (sold/case)
Thinky- HDPE 150ml Jar
ID DETCHDPE0150 Image title
Thick wall w/inner lid & cap
Thinky- HDPE 300ml Jar
ID DETCHDPE0300 Image title
thick wall w/inner lid & cap
Thinky- CH300 HDPE Jar & Cap
ID DETCHDPE03CH Image title
300 ml (30/Case) (Sold/Case)
Thinky- UM 125ml Medical Grade Jar
ID DETCUM125ML0 Image title
Wide Mouth Jar W/ Cap 100/case

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