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Paisley Products has been supplying innovative solutions to customers for over 65 years. Our comprehensive offering allows us to service all aspects of industry. Our vast product offering coupled with our highly trained sales and service team have proven to be a winning combination.

Our substantial warehouse space allows us to keep inventory available so our customers get the products they need in a timely manner. Long standing supplier relationships have allowed us to supply our customer base with the newest industry solutions available.

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Shuretape- CP 150 Multi-Surface Painter Tape
ID PSSTCP150A89 Image title   In Stock
48mm x 55m (24 rls/case)
Shurtape- CP27 UV Masking Tape
ID PSSTCP27 Image title
Shurtape CP 27 14 Day UV Msking Tape
Shurtape- CP28 UV Masking Tape
ID PSSTCP28 Image title
CP28 30 Day UV Masking Tape
Shurtape- DF545 Carpet Tape
ID PSSTF545 Image title   Limited Stock
Shurtape- AF912 1.5 Mil Foil Tape
ID PSSTF912 Image title   Limited Stock
Shurtape AF912 Foil Tape 1.5 Mil
Shurtape- AF973 2.0 Mil Foil Tape
ID PSSTF973 Image title   In Stock
AF973 Aluminum Foil Tape 2.0 Mil
Shurtape- AF982 Foil Tape
ID PSSTF982 Image title   Limited Stock
Shurtape- PE444 UV Resistant Poly Tape
ID PSSTPE444B00 Image title   In Stock
48mm x 55m (7 mil) Red

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