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At Paisley Products we are dedicated to provide the best options of building materials. Our products are utilized on countertops, tubs, walls, windows, cabinets, floor and stairs. Our courteous sales and service staff are readily available with recommendations, ensuring you receive the best selections for your development.

All Indoor Protection
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EPSTP1000B50 2359 Sulfur-Free Liner Paper
IPBRELPL Brady- Electrical Plug Lockouts
IPBRZ000084T Brady- Prinzing Electrical/Pneumatic Plug Lockout
PSAEXMLP Xmark- Laminated Paperboard
PSAEXMRP Xmark- Rubberized Paper
PSAFXMBF Xmark- Breathe-All Protection
PSASXMSC Xmark- Stair Cover
PSDRXMBD Xmark- Black Diamond Anti-skid Foam
PSDXF1042050 Xmark- HDPE Floor Underlayment
PSFICC00 FloLogic- Communication Cables
PSFIEWP0 FloLogic- Extended Warranty Programs
PSFIFL35 FloLogic- Valve System 3.5
PSFIOR00 FloLogic- Optional Relays
PSFIPSE0 FloLogic- Power Supply Extension Cables
PSFIRRP0 FloLogic- Repair/ Replacement Parts
PSFMXTP36100 Xmark - Non-skid Top Protection
PSGCXMFP Xmark- Floor Peel
PSGCXMT9 Xmark 9350 Tub Coat
PSGCXMTC Xmark- 2630 Tub Coat
PSMIXMCR Xmark- Carpet Floor Runner
PSMIXMHR Xmark- Hardwood Floor Runner
PSMTX11241MB Xmark- Hard Surface Protection 24" x 1000'
PSMTXMCP Xmark- Carpet Protection
PSMTXMHP Xmark- Hard Surface Protection
PSNPCG Xmark - Corner Guards
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Indoor Protection

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